Special Audio Studies

Our special studies programs are designed for more advanced bible students that are looking to dig in deeper with Bible Radio Class. We offer a digital MP3 download for each study, or you can choose to purchase a hard copy CD which we will mail to you.

To order a digital MP3: Click on the orange button to “Purchase MP3.” You will be directed to Paypal. After purchasing you will be sent an email with the download links. You also have the option, while still in Paypal and immediately after making the purchase, to click on the “Bible Radio Class” button, which will bring you back to our website to download the files. (Check out these instructions for help.)

To order a hard copy CD: Click on the Paypal “Donate” button. Enter the $7.95 donation amount. Once you reach the Paypal donation page, please click the “Write a Note” section and type the name of the study. Then please be sure to check the “Share my address” box. After the order is placed we will mail you the CDs.

Bible Radio Class stays on the air solely from listener support. To help us stay on the air, we do encourage our listeners to donate as the Lord leads you. If you are interested in these studies but unable to pay for them, please feel free to Contact Us to discuss getting these studies.

Melchisedek Solved

This study offers three lessons comparing the priesthood of Melchisedek with the eternal priesthood of Jesus Christ. This study glorifies Jesus Christ and gives the dispensational answer sought by pastors and bible students for over two thousand years concerning Melchisedek.


Israel’s Kingdom

This study offers a complete overview of Israel’s Kingdom throughout the Bible and the process of its status in six lessons; an introduction, the kingdom prophesied, the kingdom at hand, the kingdom offered, the kingdom postponed and concludes with a study of its future establishment. Each of the six lessons is fifteen minutes in length.