Our Radio Mission


Bro. Jerry recording at the local radio station.

Bible Radio Class – A Quick History

Bible Radio Class ministry began in 1993 in Mena, Arkansas. Bro. Jerry contacted the local radio station and began broadcasting a fifteen minute program every Sunday morning on 102.1 FM, KENA (now 104.1 FM KENA). We have been on the air in Mena every Sunday since, and a few years ago we also began broadcasting on weekdays.

In July of 2011 the Lord made a way for us to begin broadcasting in Oakdale, California on 770 AM KCBC and we officially crossed state lines with Bible Radio Class. We currently air every weekday and sometimes on the weekends.

As of July 1st, we are excited to announce that after a fellow soldier in Christ, Bro. Greg Davis, told us he was beginning a mission work in Belize, we worked together to begin broadcasting Bible Radio Class in Belize City 100.5 FM and Roaring Creek on 93.7 FM. This new opportunity is a blessing to everyone involved in the radio ministry and we are fervently praying for spiritual fruit.

Want to listen to the programs but can’t get these stations where you live? Listen Live! Follow the links below to each radio station’s website, where you can listen to their programs live.

Listen to our hometown Mena broadcast (app download available): www.mypulsenews.com

Listen to KCBC out of California: www.770kcbc.com