Helpful Links

Below you’ll find links to a few websites that Bro. Jerry thinks you’ll find helpful, informative and encouraging.

One Book, Rightly Divided (

This website features articles on over thirty different categories of Biblical teaching and is ran by one of Bro. Jerry’s favorite preachers, Dr. Dave Reese.

Wall Builders (

This patriotic site describes its purpose as “Presenting America’s forgotten history and heroes with an emphasis on our moral, religious and constitutional marriage.”

American Minute (

This site comes from William J. Federer, a nationally known speaker and author. Each day he adds a new American Minute, where he relays records of American history, patriots, legal decisions, and many subjects related to politics and Christianity. You can listen to or read each day’s post.

American Renewal Project (

Self-described “people of faith positively affecting public policy,” this project is a coalition of pastors seeking to get involved in the political spectrum at all levels in the hopes of returning America to her former glory.