Special Audio Studies

Our Special Audio Studies are designed for more advanced bible students that are looking to dig in deeper with Bible Radio Class. The studies include multiple fifteen-minute programs and are available on CD for a small donation. Each month, one of these special studies will be offered for free to members of the Bible Radio Class Family. Be sure to get your free CD!

July Bible Radio Class Family Special – Free CD of “Israel’s Kingdom”

To order your free CD, please call 479-243-5513 or email john1717ministries@gmail.com

To order a CD click on the Paypal “Donate” button and enter the study’s donation amount, and proceed to donate through Paypal or with a credit/debit card. Please then click the “Write a Note” section and type the name of the study. Then check the “Share my address” box.

Bible Radio Class stays on the air solely from listener support. To help us stay on the air, we do encourage our listeners to donate as the Lord leads you. If you are interested in these studies but unable to pay for them, or have any difficulty with the ordering process, please feel free to Contact Us to discuss getting these studies.

A Study of James  – $9.95

How does the Bible student reconcile the message of James that man is justified by faith and works, with Paul’s teaching in Romans that man is justified by faith alone? This study answers that question by looking at the book of James in its dispensational context. Written very early in church history before the apostle Paul was even saved, this book’s intended audience is the scattered Jewish tribes, and its message was to prepare them for the tribulation and Jesus’ millennial kingdom. The CD includes five fifteen-minute lessons.

Melchisedek Solved – $7.95

This study offers three lessons comparing the priesthood of Melchisedek with the eternal priesthood of Jesus Christ. This study glorifies Jesus Christ and gives the dispensational answer sought by pastors and bible students for over two thousand years concerning Melchisedek.

Israel’s Kingdom – $7.95, or Free to Bible Radio Class Family during July

This study offers a complete overview of Israel’s Kingdom throughout the Bible and the process of its status in five fifteen-minute lessons; the kingdom prophesied, the kingdom at hand, the kingdom offered, the kingdom postponed and concludes with a study of its future establishment.