Pastor Jerry Musgrove


Bro. Jerry and Sis. Scherrie Musgrove

Brother Jerry and his wife Scherrie were married in Dallas, Texas in 1980. Bro Jerry is from Mena, Arkansas and his wife of 35 years, Scherrie is from Dallas, Texas. The Lord saved them both in 1984, and they have been evangelizing together ever since. He is the happy Father of three adult children who are saved and serving God with their respective spouses.

He joined a Bible Believing Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas in 1984 and was called to preach shortly after. As an avid Bible student he has continually learned scripture, as led by the Holy Spirit through these many years. Bro. Jerry pastored his first church in 1993 and began Bible Believers Baptist Church in 1994. He has pastored a church now for over 22 years. God also called Brother Jerry into the radio ministry in 1993 and Bible Radio Class began.

In 2007 Bro. Jerry came to a point where God began showing him that there was much more to the Bible than denominationalism. Although he remained a Baptist, he watched while many preachers and Christians of his denomination “ran out of gas.” He knew there had to be a reason. So, rather than just blaming it on the ‘times,” he began an even deeper Bible study into the theology he had been taught. What he discovered was that indeed the basic things he had been taught were sound, but many other things were just religious dogma.

God’s word has taught him that the “mystery” revelation given to Paul was unique and was key to Christian joy in this age of Grace. He believes that the lack of that teaching causes the apathy we see in the Church today.

His further studies also convinced him of the soundness of Dispensational Theology, as opposed to the Reformed Theology of the Protestant Reformation. He does hold many of the Reformers of Martin Luther’s age in high regard, but understands right division of scripture (2 Timothy 2:15) to be God’s way of teaching the Church. It is Brother Jerry’s hope to be a helper of Christian joy and reach the lost through the Gospel of Grace.

Brother Jerry is a very Patriotic American Veteran, who served America with honor in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam era. Pastor Jerry encourages Christians to be involved in the public arena as they exercise their hard won Freedoms. He believes that Jesus is the only hope for America and the world.

Bro. Jerry recording a Bible Radio Class program

Bro. Jerry recording a Bible Radio Class program