Seven Reasons You Should Quit Your Meanness

Today we’re going to see what happens after we’re saved. Salvation is a gift from God; it’s not forced on us and it’s a gift we don’t have to accept. However, it is the most wonderful and best gift you’ll ever be offered! I hope y’all have listened and if you’re lost you will ask God to save you.

If you are saved, there are some wonderful things that happened to you after you accepted Christ that every Christian needs to know about. You understand that God has saved you and you know you’re going to Heaven, but many don’t know about all the things that happened when you got saved. Think of it like beginning a car trip out of town; you know where you’re going, and you know how you’re getting there. However, you may not understand all the intricacies of the engine, what exactly happens when you turn the car on, or what all the parts are that make the vehicle work.

So let’s look at some of the things that happen after salvation. If you know more about the gifts that come with salvation, you’ll be a happier Christian, more inclined to a sweeter spirit and you may just quit your meanness!

1.    You were forgiven
2.    You were given eternal life
3.    You were adopted
4.    You were born again
5.    You were sealed with the Holy Spirit
6.    You were made an Ambassador for Christ
7.    You have a Heavenly Home

FORGIVEN—When God saved you He forgave every sin you did, and He forgot about it! Since God has forgiven you, you must forget about the past sins you have done and move on. Even though other people may not forgive you, God has. Don’t let dwelling on old sin distract you from your new Christian life. Col. 1:14

ETERNAL LIFE– Everlasting, forever, never-ending life! Eternal life is what God gave you the moment you were saved and you can never lose that gift or have it taken away. When your earthly existence ends, you will step into forever with God. John 6:47

ADOPTED—Before you were saved guess whose family you were in? The devil’s. But God has adopted you out of Satan’s family into His! When you trusted God He became your new Father and you became His child. Instead of just knowing about God, He is now your Father and you can know Him in a personal way by praying and fellowshipping with Him. He is ABBA, Father. Gal. 4:4-7

BORN AGAIN— In John 3:8 Jesus told Nicodemus that being “born again” was a spiritual birth. When you were born into this world you were born into your parents’ family. When you were born again spiritually, you were born into God’s family. Remember that when we are born as babies we are born sinners because of Adam and Eve’s sin in the Garden of Eden. That sinful state takes us out of fellowship with God. But, when we get saved our spirit becomes born again and we then have fellowship with God. Titus 3:4-5

SEALED WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT— It’s so comforting to know that God is your Father and that He has forgiven you. No one on earth can make a promise to you as sweet as God’s promise. But what if you could lose this great salvation, this gift of heaven? Thank the Lord you can’t! You can’t be Un-born again; once you’re saved you are guaranteed a home in Heaven. When you were saved God sent His Holy Spirit into you and sealed you with it. The Holy Spirit also guides us in everyday life, and was called the Comforter by Jesus. He also helps us understand our Bible. The Holy Spirit guarantees us salvation. Eph.1:13

AMBASSADORS FOR CHRIST—Now that you are saved you represent God. Did you know that many Christians don’t read the bible or go to Church? How easily could those Christians be dismissed by the ones with which they’re trying to share God’s gift when in their own lives they aren’t acting as Christians should? You may be the one to help your good friend or your neighbor down the street seek God’s free gift of salvation, and that could be achieved by acting like a Christian ought. Remember who you are, and don’t act in a way that would displease God. 2 Cor 5:17-21

YOU HAVE A HEAVENLY HOME PREPARED FOR YOU– In this day and time it’s hard to keep your mind on Heavenly things, but this is where your victory is. Your time here on earth is a blink of the eye compared to what comes next. It only makes sense to think on your heavenly home, and all the other wonderful and rich gifts that God has given you. It will make your earthly life more sweet and better prepare you for what’s to come. Col 3:1-6

I hope these reasons will bless your spirit and help you quit your meanness!

-Brother Jerry