Roses Will Bloom Again

At different times in life we find ourselves in some kind of a desert. Whether it is desert of finances, of heartache, of grief, or of health, it seems that the rose will never again bloom in our desert. It seems that the oasis is nowhere to be found, just mirage after mirage. It is at these times we need to remember our Saviour Jesus Christ, who was tempted in the desert and all points as we are, and was victorious over the evil one!

His mouth became parched and dry as He uttered these wonderful words from the Cross; “It is finished.” Then, the fresh water of the Holy Spirit could now flow into our parched lives. Refreshing, powerful, water of LIFE!  Yes, my dear Brothers and Sisters, roses will bloom again, all due to the fact that He did finish it, and all that for us.

Can’t you see that little rose bud springing up in your heart?

Praise JESUS’ name, Isn’t He Wonderful!!!

-Brother Jerry